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Reliable, tech savvy, and agile technology partner who challenges existing paradigms to deliver world-class outcomes for customers in niche areas within industrial, consumer, healthcare, and automotive domains.


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About Verolt

Brilliance Gets Engineered Here

Modern technology is increasingly disruptive and democratized allowing businesses to be truly DIGITAL. However, only a few companies have leveraged the power of EXPONENTIAL technologies to REIVENT themselves to; significantly reduce operating costs, drastically increase revenues, and deliver best-in-class customer experience. We believe that customers have these benefits within their reach and are committed to taking ACCOUNTABILITY to DELIVER benefits of DIGITAL.

Verolt is a new-age technology company, eager to solve mission-critical customer challenges in the niche domains of Disruptive Automotive Software, Human Machine Interface (HMI), and Mechatronics.


Empower people to deliver extraordinary value leveraging advanced digital technology


Verolt is the Best-in-class technology and engineering solutions provider in the segments we operate by 2025


Accelerating Disruptions

HMI | Mechatronics | Automotive Software


The design and development hub of HMI systems and display interfaces for realisation of Complex Widgets, Middleware, Automation solutions, etc.



The go-to-place with wide-range of expertise in design and product engineering for mechanical, electronics, and industrial automation.


Automotive Software

Prototyping, validating, and integrating a wide range of Automotive Software systems and software for driver safety and advances in autonomous driving.


People and their Capabilities

Challenges – Embraced

Every Employee a Leader

Verolt prides itself in building a culture where all our employees (our only assets) are Best-in-class leaders. Leaders with; strong values-based foundation, sense of ownership & accountability, and high empathy. These leadership traits, combined with deep domain expertise, allow us to embrace complex customer challenges, collaborate actively, and ‘always-deliver’ non-linear brilliance to our customers.

Every Employee an Innovator

At Verolt, developing relevant Intellectual Property (IP) is not the domain of the few but a mindset exhibited by every employee. All of us are eager to challenge the status quo question paradigms that may have run their course. We innovate because we have a strident belief that deep domain understanding and the power of exponential technology opens up incredible opportunities for us deliver non-linear value to our customers.

Processes & Technology Enablers

Dreams – Delivered

Process Expertise

At Verolt, we want to reimagine the problem definition in light of available advanced technology before jumping into solution design. We leverage Design Thinking as a key tool to help us in this phase. In working on mission critical system, it is important to ensure that we predictably deliver precise outcomes but do that with agility, flexibility, and speed. We actively leverage MVP, fast prototyping techniques, and virtual simulations to help us do that.

Technology Philosophy

Verolt’s motto is to utilise the latest technological advances including; disruptive/exponential, open, platform agnostic technologies to provide Best-in-class simple solutions to our customers. We do not use technology for technology sake but instead use the appropriate ones to solve complex mission critical challenges. These act as enablers to realize futuristic systems and in-turn provide high value to customers.


Build a Great Personal Brand

An engaging and empowering work culture awaits you at Verolt. We are open to ideas and know that in the end only people make the difference between good and brilliant outcomes. Join the best domain and technology experts and grow into an inspiring professional.

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