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Maneesh Kalyat


Brilliance is a deep desire and thoughts behind a creativity or a solution. Some times it turns out as a complex solution for a simple problem or simple solution for a complex problem.

Brilliance is what you are willing and able to see the difference that other people do not see.
It’s a wonderful level of details or the content of cognition that you could see when you deeply look in to a creativity or a solution.

Empowering everyone to think and act creatively and make the things happen within a set of key principle.

Rushin Shah

Automotive Software

Brilliance -

Brilliance characterized by out-of-the-box thinking. Like that of Levi Strauss - the man who invented jeans after hearing about miners’ needs for durable pants during the Gold Rush of 1850.

And, looking within our country, I can think of APJ Abdul Kalam - the “Missile Man of India”. He overcame various odds to become one of the pioneers of India’s civilian space program and military missile development. His hard work interlaced with determination and intelligence shows his brilliance.

Leadership -
A leader should have the foresight to ensure that his team and colleagues are trained and ready for what lies ahead. To ensure expertise in the task at hand and to always motivate the team to put their best foot forward. These are some qualities I believe a leader should possess.

Navjeet Kaur

HMI Software

Brilliance -
Brilliance is a mental ability to give ideas and suggestions on something that is out of the box, after chalking out that innovative idea. Brilliance is having a knack for the smartest approach to execute any idea.

Leadership is the combination of creativity (the ability to generate ideas) with correct guidance (the ability to execute them through the actions of others) and the ability to execute innovative ideas, in a smarter way.

I take inspiration from the charismatic leadership of Barack Obama. A constitutional scholar, he learned how a government works and worked to improve this country, striving to unite people of all colours, creeds, and walk of life.

Rohit Alate

HMI Software

Brilliance -
Brilliance, in one line, is the quality of being magnificent or grand.

Leadership -
Leadership is about motivating to act and achieve a common goal. In a business setting, this can mean directing workers and colleagues with a strategy to meet the company's needs.
Effective leadership is based upon ideas (whether original or borrowed) that can be communicated in a way that engages others to act, as the leader wants them to.

My example of such a leader is Mahendra Singh Dhoni - truly demonstrating the attributes of leadership and brilliance.

Anjali Dhamani


Anyone can be a good mathematician by education (intelligence) but only a few are able to solve toughest of the maths problems (brilliance).

Brilliance is a skill which, if possessed by a person, can help break down complex problem to simple solution.
A person is said brilliant if he is -

  • Driven by Curiosity
  • Calm, cool and collected
  • Is an Abstract thinkers

Leadership -
Leadership is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could. And, in my book, that sums up in the following way -
Vision + Followership + Influence = Leadership

I have come across many people who I can consider the best example for being a good leader. I would specifically like to mention the name of Amrishbhai Patel - a social worker and a politician, he has worked hard to bring best education facilities and employment for people in rural areas.

Supriya Seshadri

HMI Software

Brilliance -
Brilliance reflects the ability to perform the same thing in different ways
Brilliant people do not do different things in the same manner; they do the same thing differently; creating their path for innovation for others to follow
It's head, heart, and guts put together
Simplicity and common sense are traits of Brilliant people
Leadership -
“How to get them to be better than they think they can be? How do we inspire ourselves to greatness when nothing less will do?” This, for me, is Leadership…
It stands out in 3 ways:
Transparency and Communication: Everyone in the team is crystal clear on the overall objective and their contribution to achieve the same.
Self Governance: Inculcate a discipline such that your core values work in tandem with the team’s culture.
Engagement and Opinion: A platform encouraging everyone, irrespective of their status or position, to voice and participate.

Parag Bhowmick


Brilliance is called brilliance when you look up at the stars and not down at your feet and try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes a universe exist - always curious and hungry to find out the reason behind.

When it comes to intelligence, there are many different ways to define and measure it. Street smarts, straight As, innovativeness and IQ tests may come immediately to mind – but what do the people that have these traits and excel at these tests all have in common? 5 key traits.

Nocturnal Rebellion
Driven by Curiosity
Expert Decision Makers
Calm, Cool And Collected
Abstract Thinkers
Discussing Leadership, I would like to quote Keith Davis, “Leadership is the ability to persuade others to seek defined objectives enthusiastically. It is the human factor which binds a group together and motivates it towards goals.”

Leadership is an inter-personal process by which a person can direct, guide, and influence the behaviour and work of others towards the accomplishment of specific goals, in a given situation. It is the ability to induce others to work with confidence and zeal.

Pruthvi Mavathur

HMI Software

Brilliance emerges when there is longing for a field - when we enjoy what we do and explore what we can. It's an index of one's art of marshalling the resources that they have, to produce a tangible result.

Brilliance opens unexplored doors of opportunities but takes dedication, discipline and time, that sometimes we can't afford. There is no limit to brilliance as there is no limit to knowledge in this limited lifetime.

Leadership is the establishment of un-shattering principles, essential for a symphony among those with the same vision. Great leadership is complemented by transparency, diversity, and intolerance to wrong-doings. It protects the system and principles, even in the absence of a leader.
It is not just achieving success together but overcoming failures together, at a pace impossible for an individual, even of great strength.