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Verolt Engineering is now official AUTOSAR development partner

By August 31, 2020 September 10th, 2020 No Comments

Pune, 20 th February 2020- Verolt is blissful to announce that it is now an official AUTOSAR development partner. Verolt will contribute to both classic and adaptive platforms with a special focus on ADAS domain and modules that are closely connected to HW – Memory and MCAL.

What AUTOSAR development partners do?

AUTOSAR development partners use AUTOSAR standards and collaborate with core/premium partners to define the AUTOSAR standards for themselves.

Verolt’s vision as AUTOSAR development partner-

  • To get in depth understanding of classic AUTOSAR platform
  • Leverage the strong automotive domain experience for enhancement of AUTOSAR specifications
  • AUTOSAR stack development as one of the core business objectives
  • Special focus on memory and system stacks
  • Networking with global AUTOSAR community for knowledge sharing and learning
  • Learn/contribute to stabilize and mature the Adaptive AUTOSAR platform
  • Develop IP’s around Adaptive AUTOSAR platform to address various use cases
  • Strong willingness and readiness to contribute beyond the mandatory 0.5 FTE resources

How Verolt is planning to utilize the AUTOAR standards?

  • Development of various AUTOSAR stacks around Classic and Adaptive platforms
  • Develop IPs around Adaptive AUTOSAR platform to address various modern use cases like FOTA