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Seamless integration, enhanced efficiency


Building the future of embedded systems

At Verolt, we use cutting-edge system & software engineering to craft innovations. Our services seamlessly integrate technology with solutions, delivering excellence in system & software development for the future of automotive and advancements in embedded electronics industries. We have expertise in end-to-end development of customized solutions that can help drive business growth. Our advanced solutions are designed for performance, safety, and unparalleled user experience.

  System Engineering  

Empowering tomorrow through our
innovative solutions

With years of experience and expertise spanning across various system engineering domains including Embedded electronics, automotive, ADAS, electric vehicles (EV), connected vehicle (CV), and software defined vehicle (SDV), our team is equipped to tackle any challenge. Moreover, our real-time working experience in system and software development for products such as camera, LiDAR, RADAR, battery management system (BMS), vehicle braking system, etc ensures that your projects are in the right hands

  Software Development 

Creating solutions that solve critical problems

With deep expertise in application, middleware, and driver software, we engineer the future of embedded software.
From classic AUTOSAR and adaptive AUTOSAR stacks to cutting-edge configuration software, we lead with
unparalleled proficiency in the embedded software industry. Our focus on functional safety and cybersecurity
compliance ensures software development that prioritizes safety and security.

  • Embedded Application Software Development
    Partner with us for your embedded application software needs for enhanced performance, reliability, and scalability. Benefit from real-time processing capabilities, efficient resource utilization, scalability for future growth, and seamless integration with IoT technologies. Experience the difference with our specialized solutions tailored to optimize your embedded systems.
  • Model-based Software Development
    Discover our model-based software development approach, leveraging advanced tools like UML modeling, code generation frameworks, and simulation/testing tools to create robust and scalable applications. Harness the power of precise design and accelerated development with our innovative methods.
  • Classic AUTOSAR Stack Development
    Navigate the intricacies of classic AUTOSAR with our comprehensive end-to-end stack development services, empowering your vehicles with robust and reliable software foundations. From defining stack architecture to developing essential modules, configuring the stack, and conducting thorough integration and testing, we ensure seamless execution at every stage of the development lifecycle.
  • Adaptive AUTOSAR Stack Development
    Embrace the future of embedded systems and software with our adaptive AUTOSAR stack development services. Our specialized offerings include dynamic system configuration and service-oriented architecture (SOA) implementation. With our expertise, we empower your systems to dynamically configure themselves based on operating conditions and leverage a service-oriented architecture to enhance modularity and flexibility.
  • Device Driver Development
    Benefit from our range of device driver development services tailored to enhance the performance and compatibility of your hardware devices, including infineon aurix tricore, renesas, and NXP controllers. Our services encompass custom device driver development, optimization, and performance tuning to maximize efficiency. We specialize in legacy driver upgrades and cross-platform driver porting to ensure seamless integration across different systems and platforms.

  Verification & Validation  

Ensuring performance with rigorous testing

Verolt provides world-class verification and validation services for the embedded industry with a commitment to precision, reliability, and innovation. We ensure that every system & software meets the highest standards of performance, safety, and ASPICE compliance. Our scope of services include unit testing (SWE.4), system & software integration testing (Sys.4 and SWE.5), functional & qualification testing (SWE.6), system qualification testing-performance, safety, penetration testing etc. (Sys.5) and testing automation.

  Functional Safety & Cybersecurity   

Mitigating risk, enhancing reliability

We are at the forefront of safety-centric development, ensuring that vehicles on the road are built with the highest standards of safety (ISO26262) in mind. Our dedicated team is here to meet these challenges head-on, providing cutting-edge solutions that prioritize the well-being of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians by ensuring system, software, and hardware safety analysis & implementation. Safeguard your embedded systems with our robust cybersecurity measures considering compliances and regulations such as (ISO21434 & WP29), protecting against evolving cyber threats and ensuring the integrity of your software.


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