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In today’s technologically advanced landscape, characterized by intricate machinery and multifaceted operations, the importance of intuitive Human-Machine Interface (HMI) applications cannot be overstated. These applications play a pivotal role in simplifying machine operation, enhancing overall efficiency, and ensuring optimal performance.
Acknowledging the significance of seamless operational processes, there arises a need for advanced HMI applications tailored to specific industrial needs. Such solutions are designed to analyze and calculate precise measurements, with a primary focus on delivering clear and accurate data representation. Emphasizing user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive graphical displays, these applications serve as essential tools for facilitating informed decision-making and maximizing operational effectiveness.

Problem Statement

Our customer, a prominent player in the film manufacturing industry, requires an innovative film thickness gauge application with specific functionalities. They seek a solution that guarantees accurate measurements of film thickness, coupled with comprehensive tolerance analysis against predefined ranges to uphold product quality standards.
Additionally, the application should feature live graphs and analytics for real-time process monitoring, alongside the flexibility to configure machine parameters as necessary.
Furthermore, our client desires a robust reporting system capable of generating detailed reports to facilitate quality control measures and informed decision-making.


Our solution represents the pinnacle of technological prowess, integrating advanced sensing technology, meticulous data integration, and an intuitive user interface. Developed on a robust stack comprising Qt, QML, C++, and MongoDB, our sophisticated Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
Monitoring application serves as a critical interface, seamlessly bridging end-users and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). Employing sophisticated TCP/IP protocols, it facilitates bidirectional data exchange with precision X-ray and Kappa sensors. This results in a finely tuned film thickness gauge application, meticulously tailored to meet our client’s exacting quality control standards and operational needs, thereby optimizing processes and bolstering overall performance.

System Architecture:

At its architectural core, the system architecture revolves around two indispensable PLCs: the gauge PLC, tasked with precise film thickness measurements utilizing proprietary algorithms, and the control PLC, responsible for real-time regulation of film thickness based on feedback from sensors. These PLCs operate synergistically, ensuring consistent film thickness levels critical for  maintaining operational uniformity and product quality.

Data Visualization and Analysis:

The application boasts dynamic real-time data visualization capabilities, leveraging sophisticated graphing libraries to offer users a comprehensive array of graphical representations. From line plots to scatter diagrams, each graph is meticulously engineered to provide insightful data analysis, featuring customizable colour schemes and interactive elements for enhanced user engagement and interpretability.

Alarm Management:

Furthermore, the application incorporates a robust alarm management system engineered to detect and notify users of process anomalies promptly. Leveraging threshold-based algorithms and historical data analysis, the system triggers notifications for deviations from predefined
tolerance levels, allowing users to respond proactively and mitigate potential disruptions to production processes.

Security Measures:

In addition to its advanced monitoring and analysis capabilities, the application places paramount
emphasis on data security through stringent access control mechanisms. Employing industry-standard encryption protocols and multi-factor authentication, the system safeguards sensitive data and features, ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory requirements and safeguarding against unauthorized access and data breaches.

In conclusion, the HMI Monitoring application represents the pinnacle of technological innovation, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge programming paradigms and robust algorithms to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability in industrial environments. With its intuitive user interface, advanced data visualization capabilities, and stringent security measures, the application empowers users to monitor, analyze, and optimize manufacturing processes with unparalleled precision and efficiency.


Our robust application, powered by C++, Qt/QML, and MongoDB, ensures seamless industrial operations. With fail-safe mechanisms, it maintains system integrity amidst potential disruptions. It accurately measures film thickness, analyzes data against predefined tolerances, and visualizes live analytics through dynamic graphs. Users can effortlessly configure machine parameters and
generate detailed reports for informed decision-making. Our solution embodies technological excellence, empowering users with efficiency and confidence in industrial settings.

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