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Journey Logger redefines the travel experience by providing a hands-free video recording solution, ideal for capturing and sharing memorable moments on the go. This innovative application leverages voice commands for starting and stopping recordings, ensuring drivers can focus on the road while documenting their journey. The intelligent curation feature distinguishes Journey Logger from traditional tracking solutions, as it analyzes audio and video content to highlight scenic routes and significant events while cropping out silent parts. Weather information is seamlessly integrated into the videos, adding context and enhancing the storytelling aspect. The application supports unlimited clip recording, merging them with smooth transitions, and stores them securely in the cloud, ready for social media sharing. This sophisticated combination of features ensures a comprehensive, visually engaging, and hands-free travel documentation experience.

Problem Statement

Drivers often face challenges in capturing and sharing their travel experiences due to the need to manually record videos, which can be distracting and unsafe. Existing solutions mainly focus on route tracking and vehicle data, lacking a comprehensive visual documentation tool that can operate hands-free. Additionally, the process of curating and editing recorded footage is time-consuming and requires technical expertise. There is a need for an application that allows drivers to safely and effortlessly record, curate, and share their journeys, with seamless video transitions, all managed through voice commands to ensure the driver’s focus remains on the road.


A robust solution was developed to meet the demand for a hands-free journey recording and curation application, following Agile Scrum practices for iterative development and continuous improvement. Voice recognition technology enables users to initiate and stop recordings with simple commands, ensuring safety and convenience. Real-time weather updates are integrated, enhancing the storytelling of each journey segment, with cloud storage ensuring secure access for editing and sharing on social media.

The development environment utilized Visual Studio Code for debugging and GitLab for CI capabilities and version control. Testing involved techniques such as Equivalence Class Partitioning, Boundary Value Analysis, and mock testing to validate functionality comprehensively. Regular regression testing ensured ongoing reliability, safeguarding against defects introduced during updates. This solution provides a streamlined, user-centric experience for documenting travels hands-free, combining technology advancements with rigorous testing to deliver a reliable and engaging application for users.


Journey Logger was developed as a comprehensive solution to redefine travel documentation, built with advanced dual-camera recording capabilities capturing both in-cabin and environmental views. The application integrates an intelligent algorithm designed to seamlessly capture high-quality audio and video, with automated trimming of silent periods facilitated through voice commands, ensuring efficient editing processes.

Incorporating real-time weather updates enhances the narrative of recorded journeys, providing contextual information throughout. The development process followed Agile Scrum methodologies, fostering iterative improvements in functionality and reliability. Journey Logger offers intuitive controls and secure cloud storage, designed to facilitate easy sharing and storage across various platforms, emphasizing a user-centric approach to hands-free travel documentation.

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