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Effective traffic management is essential in the age of smart cities. Verolt‘s Adaptive Traffic Lights Control Solution is a cutting-edge solution leveraging the power of AI and Machine Learning to transform urban mobility. A system in which traffic signals dynamically adjust to the actual traffic conditions rather than remaining static. Here’s how it operates: 
·Data collection: Traffic Monitoring with Cameras and ML Algorithms 
·Vehicle counting: Optimized ML Algorithms for counting 
·Timing Modification: AI-Driven Decision Making 
·Feedback Loop: Real time cloud-based controlling 
With the possibility of using the cloud to access the SOC (System On Chip) located on the traffic pole, Verolt combines AIML models that analyze traffic data, forecast the best time for traffic lights and collect vehicle density using existing cameras on traffic poles and junctions. Decisions are based on real-time vehicle counts, ensuring smoother traffic flow and thus reducing congestion. 

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