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We are excited to have our colleagues Ajinkya Kadupatil & Gaurav Kedari present a paper on AUTOSAR’s role in Software-Defined Vehicles at the 15th AUTOSAR Open Conference in Tokyo, Japan. This event brought together industry leaders, developers, and innovators to explore the future of automotive technology. The conference delved deep into the evolving landscape of software-defined vehicles, highlighting key trends, challenges, and opportunities. It was fascinating to see how AUTOSAR is driving the standardization of software architectures, enabling seamless integration and scalability across the automotive ecosystem.

Key Highlights of the Conference:

Standardization and Flexibility: The importance of a standardized platform that allows for flexibility and innovation cannot be overstated. AUTOSAR’s adaptive platform is paving the way for more robust and versatile vehicle software solutions.

Safety and Security: As vehicles become more software-driven, ensuring safety and cybersecurity is paramount. The conference sessions underscored the need for rigorous safety protocols and robust security measures.

Collaboration is Key: The automotive industry is rapidly transforming, and collaboration among OEMs, suppliers, and tech companies is crucial for successful implementation of software-defined vehicle concepts.

Verolt is inspired by the insights gained at the conference and we look forward to apply these learnings and contribute better to the advancement of Software-Defined vehicles. 


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