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Verolt is thrilled to announce that the TAAL Group comprising TAAL Tech India Pvt. Ltd. and Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Ltd , a pioneer in Engineering and Digital services, committed to driving innovation and excellence in industries not limited to Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, Infrastructure and others, has acquired a strategic stake in Verolt. This partnership marks a significant milestone in Verolt’s journey and opens up a world of new opportunities. With this, Verolt accelerates it’s growth, enhance offerings, and is set to deliver even greater value to it’s customers and stakeholders in Embedded Software, HMI and Data Engineering space. 

 This strategic alliance between TAAL and Verolt signifies a pivotal moment in the evolution of both organizations. Together, they will provide a comprehensive suite of engineering design and software solutions to a diverse range of industries, further solidifying their positions as leaders in the world of technology-led engineering innovations. This association will not only deepen existing client relationships but also facilitate the exploration of new markets and clients. Both organizations are committed to leveraging their respective strengths and resources to maximize efficiency and drive collective success. 

As both companies embark on this exciting journey, they remain dedicated to providing exceptional solutions and advancing technological frontiers. 

About Verolt Technologies Pvt. Ltd.:

Verolt Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a global technology company specializing in Embedded Software, Human Machine Interface (HMI), and Data Engineering. Verolt is a trusted partner for clients across the Automotive, Industrial, and Sports sectors. With a global network of offices spanning the UK, Germany, and the UAE, complemented by a pool of top-tier engineering talent in India, Verolt is committed to delivering exceptional solutions while staying at the forefront of technological advancements. 

About the TAAL Group: 

The TAAL Group is a leading conglomerate comprising TAAL Tech India Pvt. Ltd. and Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Ltd. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, the TAAL Group is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions across various industries. 

About Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Ltd.: 

When TAAL was established in 1994 it was the first private sector company in the country to manufacture general aviation i.e. non-military aircraft. The Company’s vision at that time was to create a facility that would act as the nucleus for the development of an aeronautical industry in India and to promote affordable general aviation. The company has since diversified its activities and has established a significant presence in many segments of the aviation and aeronautical industries in India. 

About TAAL Tech Pvt. Ltd.: 

TAAL Tech Pvt. Ltd., a part of the TAAL Group, is a pioneering engineering and digital services provider committed to driving innovation and excellence. With a rich legacy of delivering cutting-edge solutions across diverse industries, TAAL Tech specializes in offering comprehensive engineering design solutions to address complex challenges. 

 The journey so far has been tremendous and the rewards, irreplaceable. We continue to revolutionize client businesses leveraging appropriate digital interventions and technological innovations. Our objective is to enable our customers with the right kind of competitive advantage that helps them to grow and sustain profitably, in this ever-changing environment. 


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